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BOVEM Ads & Creatives

BOVEM.CO is an e-commerce start-up in the manscaping market, providing premium manscaping products to the everyday man.

As an e-commerce brand, marketing and advertising are one of the most crucial aspects of the business model. In my time as a creative at BOVEM, I crafted compelling and visually captivating advertisements to not just showcase the products, but also tell the brand story. Through understanding the market and the consumer behaviour for our target audience, I explored multiple styles of ads or social media assets to help BOVEM stand out in this crowded digital landscape.

Year: 2020-2022 (Freelance), 2022-2023 (Full-Time)

My Role: Creative, Copywriter

Some Of The Work
Creatives & Social Assets

Software Used: Photoshop

BOVEM Socials
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