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BOVEM Product Variant Selector

BOVEM.CO is an e-commerce start-up in the manscaping market, providing premium manscaping products to the everyday man.

The hero product of BOVEM is a men's hair electric trimmer called the Globe Trimmer 2.0. The Globe Trimmer 2.0 was sold a-la-carte, and also with a subscription model for its refillable blade. However, there was a critical issue with this subscription model due to high shipping costs (worldwide) and environmental concerns caused by the shipment of 1 individual blade. As such, we decided on abolishing the subscription model and introducing bundles: Trimmer, Trimmer + 1 Blade, and Trimmer + 3 Blades. This helped relieve logistical and operation strains and maximised conversion rates and AOV.

Year: 2023

My Role: UI/ UX Designer, Marketing

What It Was Then
Old BOVEM Prdt Details_edited.jpg
What It Is Now
New BOVEM Prdt Details_edited.jpg
Zoomed Bovem Prdt Details_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2023-09-13 at 4.58.42 PM.png
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