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BOVEM Product Page

BOVEM.CO is an e-commerce start-up in the manscaping market, providing premium manscaping products to the everyday man.

To elevate user engagement, conversion rates, and to create a seamless shopping experience on the official website, we revamped the product pages to be more intuitive, informative and visually appealing so customers can effortlessly navigate, explore and ultimately connect with BOVEM's products.

Year: 2023

My Role: UI/UX Designer, Creative, Copywriter

Original BOVEM Product Page.jpg
Laptop With Transparent BG.png
What It Was

With nothing more than 2 images and 2 features written out in text, the initial webpage lacked key visual and descriptive information about the product. There was also an apparent lack of brand styling and technical information about the brand or product. In short, nothing on this page screamed "BUY ME".

Initial Explorations and Research

To kick things off, we asked 10 interviewees (a mix of current users of the product, frequent online shoppers, and other e-commerce business owners) of what constituted a great product page. Some of the things we found were:

  • Consumers would want to see product features in/mid-action: There was dissonance and no connection between the current visual assets with what the text was implying. (For example: The image for the trimmer's blades preventing nicks and cuts could be better portrayed with a trimmer cutting hair.)

  • Consumers would want more humanised elements to the visual assets instead of simply pretty pictures: Instead of a trimmer being put in front of the tap, it could be an image of a person using it in the shower.

  • There was not enough information: Yes, cut prevention and in-shower usage are important features for buying a trimmer designed for a men's sensitive regions, but these 2 features don't make the product any different from using any razor bought from the dollar shop. There should be more explanation.

Other comments included a lack of credibility and enticing imagery that would capture and retain customer attention.

The Findings

With the insights in mind, we set out to revamp the product pages with these in focus:

1. Product Features: The visuals should match the text and look more visually enticing

2. Add more human elements in the visuals of the product description (e.g. human hands, people)

3. Provide more information on the product and how it differs from the other products in the market

4. Increase credibility throughout the pages through customer reviews, images of known people endorsing the product

What It Is Now
BOVEM GLOBE2 Page On iPad.png

Feature for reduced nicks and cuts now shown with visual of trimmer in use


Waterproof feature now shows trimmer submerged in water and in use


Added feature about long battery life

Added feature about spotlight that helps user see in dim environments

Added a section to show where and how you can use the product

Screenshot 2023-08-21 at 8.49.05 PM.png

Created for potential consumers who need more visual representation of how the product works

Review section for credibility in the eyes of the consumer and for a little push in their consideration

BOVEM Comparison.png

Comparison table against more well known products or general brands

Section for potential consumers who are more inclined when seeing the breakdown of the product

For consumers who need a final push in their consideration

BOVEM Influencer Gallery.png

For consumers who need a final push in their consideration

What's In The Box.png

Extra information that might be of concern


Add-ons to boost sale of related products

More reviews including Verified Customers for credibility


Guarantees of the Brand 


Footer that is consistent on every page of the site

Iterate, iterate, iterate...

The first step for this revamped product page was to go through A/B testing over the span of 2 weeks. 

After concluding that the format and design of the product page was statistically more effective, we went a step further by reshuffling the sections to determine the most effective layout and putting them through a second round of testing. The product page above was the final result. This layout and style was then applied across all BOVEM products.

Bounce Rates: More than 60% → 40%

Conversion: Less than 1% → 1.7%

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